Tech & Advan

Benefits to Manufacturers
-No need further Lacquer, Paint, or backers
-Directly glue onto wood panels for wall decoration (MDF, Particle Board, HDF, Plywood, PVC Board..)
-Directly glue onto wood floorings
-Directly glue onto Phenolic HPL (enhancing fire retardant), using on furniture
Benefit A: Replace Lacquer/Paint- more consistent but flexible designs
-Color consistent with using engineered wood (pattern and color consistency)
- More color and pattern design choices with using engineered wood
- Holes and knots are covered by treated materials
- Variety surface effect: high gloss, matte, brushed, gloss, rough…
Benefit B: Shorten Production Process at down-stream and Lower cost for manufacturers
- With Pt 1-2, it beats all problems of engineered wood veneer, and contribute
higher value
- Extra value added with extra backer and core e.g. fire retardant, sound absorbing...
- Low stock level due to shorter/easier production cycle; prompt and more veneer design for market
Benefit C: Enhanced paper backer
-Nearly ZERO edge
-Add flexibility and tenacity for the veneer
-Prefect for gluing on MDF/ Fiberboard/ Compact Board
- Integrated One Piece: Composite-Veneer-Backer are formed into one-piece to each