Veneered HPL

    Veneered HPL
    Pre-sanding of veneering to remove the dirts and surface imprefections
    4X 8ft 0.45mm Impregnated Veneer + 0.4mm HPL
    4X10ft 0.45mm Impregnated Veneer + 0.4mm HPL
    5X10ft 0.45mm Impregnated Veneer + 0.4mm HPL
    (TG) embossed, (G) High Gloss
    High Abrasion (6000cycles)
    Grade B2 fire retardant

    MOQ, 1000 sheet per size/per treatment/per time

Paperbacked Veneer

    Paper-backed veneer
    Impregnated into veneer, and high-pressure pressed with pearchment paper backer, formed into on piece veneer in <0.6mm thickness. Perfect for pressing any Cold Pressure Laminate onto HPL, MDF, of PB, PVC. Work good with any phenolic glues, PVC gludes and so on.
        0.45mm-0.8mm 1220*2440mm (4*8ft)
        0.45mm-0.8mm 1540*2440mm (5*8ft)

    Welcome to provide your material. We will process into a high-performance, paint-free veneer with pearchment paper backer.


Natural Bamboo Veneer

    Bamboo is unquie spiece from China.               
    The detail specifications of our bamboo veneer are as following:
        Thickness: From 0.3mm to 0.6 mm
        Length: ≤ 2500 mm Width: =430 mm 

    Purpose For Using The product of bamboo veneer can be a very comprehensive usage, it can be used as edge strip of the furniture and glued on the surface of multi-layer board or MDF to make it looks like a bamboo board. Also it can be used on the surface of the plywood to make it as a bamboo decorative board. If so, the material looks that it has got the bamboo's grain and make more close to the natural.

Taika (big/thin for wet/heat t

    Big and Think Panel designed for Wet or Heat Tolerate
    Subsitude to Porcelain Tile, but much bigger size, thinner, and easier faster

    TAIKA is made of composite of glass fibre, wood powder, and other organic substances to form a Non Combustible core under high temperature and pressure,which has super fabrication and mechanical properties, and has become an ideal surface decorative material.

    Size: 3mm thickness, 1220*2440mm
             3mm thickness, 1520*2440mm
             Extra thickness can be tailor-made
             Can also cut-to-size (standard size)

    1.Variety of color, design, and surface finish

    2.ClassA Non Combustible
    TAIKA passed National Building ClassA Non Combustible certification
    3. Heat resistance & Moisture-Proof
    Surface resistant to cigarette burns, color no change after exposed to boiling water. Core excellently moisture-proof ,no delamination or thickness change after boiled in boiling water.
    4. Anti-bacteria & Fungus
    Stain resistance and inhibiting the growth of fungus and bacteria
    5. Impact & scratch resistance
    Made of condense material and with hard surface,

    6. Easy Installation (installation guide)
    TAIKA can be simply cut into shape by ultra - rigid woodworking knife, easy fabrication. Direct bounding method save installation time and enhance space utilization.

    7. Perfect edge treatment
    Various joint accessories ensure a perfect uniform corner and edge treatment.

    8.Easy maintenance long lasting.

    For more detailed user guide, please send email to

    Taika Board1