About Us

Ahead Innovation, REXIN and Honeson take the technology and quality as fundament, and looks for the highest standards in the industry. We spend sizable resources annually in new product development, technology enhancement and innovation of a series of new products such as "Nanometer Impregnation", "Tech-Wood Veneer Laminate", and "High Performance Veneer". In year 2010, 1st among the Chinese companies, the two company jointly registered DuraVeneer presenting the state-of-art eco-friendly, high-quality Prefinished Real Wood Veneers, which is proved to be ideal decoration products, for the interior wall cladding, ceiling, flooring as well as outdoor furniture and exterior cladding applications.
Certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, FSC Certifications, Flame Retardant Label, GreenGuard, GreenGuard Gold, DuraVeneer is guaranteed with various aspects from quality to technology advancement, safety to eco-friendliness, DuraVeneer Prefinished Real Wood Veneers are widely accepted by the designers and project owners.